1st Annual Beach BACON & Beer Festival
April 14, 2018

1st Annual Beach BACON & Beer Festival

Carolina Beach Lake Park

April 14th, 2018


The Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce is presenting the 1st Annual Beach BACON & Beer Festival on April 14th at the Carolina Beach Lake Park.  Gates will open at 11:30 am with the winners announced at 4:30 pm.  Like its predecessor, The Chowder Cook-Off, the family-friendly  Beach, Bacon and Beer Festival will invite selected local and regional restaurants to offer their selected dish that must include BACON. This is a friendly, culinary competition that pits the creativity of local chefs to present the most unique and tasty BACON-inspired offerings.  Prizes will be awarded for Judges Choice, as well as People’s Best Overall, Most Original. Best Savory and Sweetest.  We will also award the Best Decorated Tent and Most Enthusiastic Tent. 

Here are some possibilities that may be presented:

  • Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese with Pecan Bacon Brittle
  • Bacon Fat Jelly Roll
  • Smoked Potato Bacon Soup
  • Bacon Focaccia Grilled Cheese
  • Bacon Lobster Manicotti
  • Bacon Butternut Squash Meatballs & Gravy
  • Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn
  • Bacon Japanese Cheesecake
  • Homemade Bacon Donut Hole
  • Bacon and Prawn Dumplings with Spicy Coconut Puree
  • Chocolate Bacon Toffee Gelato
  • Bacon Stout Custard Banana French Toast
  • Kung Pao Bacon

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to BACON inspired dishes and all the potential possibilities available to the capable talent of our local chefs. 

For a small entry fee, each guest will receive a number of ‘tasting tickets’ they can trade in at the booth of their choice.  Additional ‘tasting tickets’ will be available for purchase within the Festival.  Each participating restaurant may also choose to sell larger portions of the same or similar showcase dishes.  In addition to the participating restaurants we will also have the following:

  • Local Breweries
  • Two Wine Vineyards
  • Beer Tent
  • Additional Food Vendors
  • Non-profit Exhibit Space
  • KIdZone with inflatables, face painting, etc.
  • We may offer some of the following activities:
    • Pig Calling Contest                 
    • Pig Petting Zoo
    • Bacon Costume Contest
    • Bacon Eating Contest
    • Greased Pig Contest
    • We will provide Live Music and Dancing all day 

The main purpose of this event is:

  1. To expose our regional Restaurants to local and distant diverse guests:
  2. Bring people to the Island as an alternative to the Azalea Festival, potentially going to other businesses, hotels and shops.
  3. Provide a safe, Family-friendly event
  4. Re-brand the Chowder Cook-Off and re-capture the success of this event

For more information, please contact the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce at 910-458-8434 or