Carolina Beach Double Sprint Triathlon
July 13, 2019

Race Format:  

The very first "Formula 1" or super sprint triathlon produced in the U.S. (formerly the Kure Beach Double Sprint)

Competitors start out with a 375 meter ocean swim.  Upon exiting the water, participants put on their running gear at the "Beach Transition Area" and run 1.5 miles to the "Bike Transition Area". Participants then complete a 20K bike ride on a closed course (no traffic).  Then it's back on with the running gear for the 1.5 mile run back to the "Beach Transition Area".  Participants complete the race by once again swimming the 375 meter course.

NOTE: Despite the 1.5 mile run between the two transition areas, these transition areas are located very close together.


*  The race starts with a 375 meter ocean swim (with the current - ALWAYS).
*  The waves are usually very small this time of the year and this early in the morning.  
*  Both the first swim and the last swim are always done in the same direction.
*  This will be a time trial start - with a participant starting the race every couple of seconds.
*  Participants can start where they want (up front for faster swimmers - in the back for more timid swimmers) 
    and with whom they want to start the race with (fathers & sons, buddies, etc.)


*  Once on the beach, participants enter the beach transition area, grab their running shoes and begin their first run segment. 
*  The 1.5 mile run takes them to the bike transition area.  
*  The run is flat with no shade. 
*  Following the bike segment, participants will cover this same 1.5 mile run course in the opposite direction heading back to the beach.


*  The bike course is a flat two-lap out & back affair that is closed to traffic. 
*  There are three "hair-pin" type turns that participants will encounter. 
*  The two turns at the far end of the bike course are close to the Kure Beach city limits - and aren't terribly tight -
    although speed will need to be decreased while making these turns. 
*  The turn back near the transition area is very tight - speed will need to be dramatically decreased at this spot. 
*  Participants only have to go through this point at the end of lap 1.