Swim CB 2019
July 14, 2019

*  Swim CB is a 1.5 mile point-to-point ocean swim.
*  The race is done with the current, so the start location is determined on race morning.
*  The race finish will always be at the Hamlet Ave. beach access - immediately south of the Courtyard by Marriott.
*  Water temperature will be in the low 80s

Start Procedure:

*  Time trial start with participants starting the race every couple of seconds.
*  Faster swimmers are encouraged to line up near the start - slower swimmers towards the back.
*  This start procedure spreads out swimmers at the start - making it beneficial for water safety personnel.

Swim Caps:

*  Swim caps will be available for all participants at packet pick-up
*  Swim caps will be in a variety of colors - your choice.
*  Take your swim cap to Swim Start
*  Swim caps MUST BE WORN 
Penalty for not wearing a swim cap is an automatic DQ

Carolina Swim Series – Wetsuit Rules

For all Carolina Swim Series races, the following wetsuit guidelines will be followed:

*  If the water temperature is 67.9 degrees or lower – wetsuits will be required.
*  If the water temperature is between 68 degrees and 78 degrees – wetsuits will be optional (see below for details).
*  If the water temperature is 78.1 degrees or higher – wetsuits are prohibited.

Optional wetsuit usage: Participants opting to wear a wetsuit when the water temperature is between 68 degrees and 78 degrees, will be assessed a 3-minute penalty for the five shorter races and a 6-minute penalty for the two longer races.

NOTE:  Water temperature is expected to be in the low 80s.