Chamber Connects with Ethan Crouch, Surfrider Foundation
June 18, 2019

Location:       Havana’s Fresh Island Restaurant

                     1 North Lake Park Blvd

                     Carolina Beach, NC  28428




Cost: $10/person—Limited Seating

Menu: Ceasar Salad & BT’s Chicken over Mashed Potatoes

Schedule: Tuesday, June 18th at Noon

12:00—12:10 Meet & Seat

12:10—12:15 Table Meet & Drink Service (Water & Tea)

12:15—12:25 Salad Service

12:25—12:40 Lunch Service

12:40—1:00 Ethan Crouch, Surfrider Foundation

“Update on Single Use Plastic Bags” -Featured Speaker


The amount of plastic produced from 2000 - 2010 exceeds the amount produced during the entire last century.
Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide.  Up to 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from land-based sources.
Plastics comprise up to 90% of floating marine debris.
In 2010 about 690,000 tons of waste HDPE plastic "bags, sacks and wraps" were generated in the United States, but only 4.3% of this total was recycled.
Plastics do not biodegrade, but instead break down into small particles that persist in the ocean, absorb toxins, and enter our food chain through fish, sea birds and other marine life.
Plastic bags are problematic in the litter stream because they float easily in the air and water, traveling long distances and never fully breaking down in water.  Cleanup of plastic bags is costly. California spends $25 million annually to landfill discarded plastic bags, and public agencies spend more than $300 million annually in litter cleanup.
It is estimated that Americans go through about 100 billion plastic bags a year, or 360 bags per year for every man, woman and child in the country.

RSVP TODAY—Limited seating—We expect a sell-out