CANCELLED - 2nd Annual ROCK THE BEACH Featuring Bluffet
September 12, 2020


020 Rock the Beach Goes Tropical has been postponed and re-scheduled to September 12th, 2020.




Join us Saturday, September 12th, 2020 to close out Summer 2020 in style at the 2nd ANNUAL ROCK THE BEACH FESTIVAL in beautiful Carolina Beach at the World Famous Boardwalk as we head south to the Tropics!!

Come “Drink YOUR own beer & listen to the songs you KNOW”, this Festival offers you the opportunity to bring your own coolers and listen to BLUFFETT and the Son Of A Sailor Band featuring Larry Pearson. BLUFFETT presents a Tribute to JIMMY BUFFETT and will perform all of your favorite classic songs, all while you are closing out the summer on sunny and beautiful Carolina Beach.

Ever since he can remember, Larry Pearson has been a Parrot Head! That is to say he has been a dedicated fan of the one and only Jimmy Buffett! Larry was so infatuated with the music and persona of Jimmy Buffett that he became a musician. For years he toured and was told by so many fans how much he sounded and looked like Jimmy Buffett! This eventually led to an amazing transformation in Larry's life. Since it was so natural and fulfilling, he started performing only the music of his idol, which fills volumes, and eventually added the authentic costuming and stage props. He then found a dedicated troupe of musicians who also were in awe of the legend! This formed BLUFFETT & THE SON OF A SAILOR BAND... the most incredible re-creation and tribute to the "beach-master" himself....Jimmy Buffett!

BLUFFETT takes on the atmosphere of a genuine Buffett concert...right down to the audience participation and enjoyment and energy that goes with it! It will be hard to believe your eyes and ears once the show has started due to the uncanny re-creation by this awesome group of performers!

The music of Jimmy Buffett has covered several decades and his concerts sell out in a matter of minutes due to the popularity of this entertainer and the wide age group and cross section of fans who love the man and the music!! So break out the Hawaiian Shirts, the Beach Sandals and start steaming the clams and let BLUFFETT set the beach-paceand take you to the barefoot sand-land of "Margaritaville"!


"Volcano" ∙ "Son Of A Sailor" ∙ "Margaritaville" ∙ "Cheeseburger In Paradise" ∙ "Sea Cruise" "Why Don't We Get Drunk" ∙ "Fins" ∙ "Pencil Thin Moustache" ∙ “Havana DayDreamin" ∙ "Boat Drinks" "He Went To Paris" ∙ "Captain & The Kid" ∙ “Come Monday” ∙ "Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude" "A Pirate Looks At 40" and many, many more!

After the sun breaks the horizon, eager fans will lineup at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk to claim their piece of real estate heaven in the sand to welcome DaHowlies at 11:00 am, followed by The Phantom Playboys at 1:00 pm and closing out the day with the main act – BLUFFETTand the Son Of A Sailor Band at 3:00 pm. Ideal beach conditions are forecast to spread out and dance the day away.

As an added bonus, we will have local breweries and vineyards offering their best craft beers and vino specialties on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Take a break from the sun and come purchase your favorite craft beer or cup of wine and keep on dancing to all the FUN tunes.

We anticipate attendance to top the Carolina Beach Music Festival, so get your tickets TODAY before it sells out and arrive on site early to get your best seat to the End-Of-The-Summer Festival. Tickets are available on-line at Eventbrite. Hard tickets are available at the Pleasure Island Chamber, Island Tackle, Silver Dollar and Olde Salty’s also for $25 in advance ($30 Day of Show). So bring your coolers (no glass or hard liquor) and plenty of SPF 50 and be ready to TropRock to three FUN bands in the sand!

Don’t miss out - Saturday, September 12th, 2020 for the TROPICAL ROCK THE BEACH FESTIVAL featuring BLUFFETT – See you there!