FREE Drive In Concert Series with THE FEEBS
October 30, 2020


COVID Rules now allow us to schedule four Free Concerts previously cancelled during the Summer of 2020.  The difference of course is reflected in the name - DRIVE-IN.

Last Friday, we welcomed LIVE Music back to Pleasure Island for the first of four-scheduled free Drive-In concerts.  It was an overwhelming success with over 130 cars in attendance.

Coming up next will be THE FEEBS – a local favorite ensemble that will bring you all your favorite Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk & Most Things In-between – truly something for everyone! !  They will be performing this Friday, October 30th, 2020.


            October 30                  FEEBS           

                                             Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk & Most                                                       Things In Between

            November 20              POLAR BEAR BLUES BAND         

                                             Powerful Rhythm & Blisterin’ Blues

            December 4                SOUTHERN TROUBLE

                                                Makin’ Country Rock

Again, we will be lining the field with automobiles spaced 6-8 feet apart in single rows.  Larger vehicles and trucks will be placed in the rear of the main field to help the sight lines of smaller vehicles.  We will have volunteer’s direct cars to their appropriate spots.  Please respect the decisions of the Volunteers - remember this a FREE Event.

The concert is from 6:30-8:30. We will open the gates at 5:30 in such a manner that we have time to direct you to specific spaces.  We ask that once parked, please do not leave until the show is over and then please exit in an orderly fashion.  If you arrive prior to 5:30, please pull to the right on the incoming drive and park until we open the gates and then proceed in an orderly fashion as directed by our Volunteers.

Beer, Soda and Water will be available for sale on site by the Base.  We also will have offerings from Carolina Beach’s Nauti Dogs and Icey delites from KONA ICE..

Sound will be broadcast through your radios in your car as well as rolling down your windows.  You can set up chairs adjacent to your car, but please understand that we will enforce 6'-0" distancing. If you leave your designated spot to get refreshments and/or visit the restroom, please wear a mask to protect your neighbors.  Thank you ahead of time for following the basic COVID Rules!

Remember, attendance will be limited and we will fill up fast.  Please be patient with the Volunteers and we will finally have some great LIVE Music!

Thank you to the Pleasure Island Chamber, the Town of Kure Beach, Ft. Fisher Air Force Recreation Area, Soundwave Audio and our Musicians to make this all possible!

THE FEEBS - Performing This Friday, October 30th at Ft Fisher Drive-In Concert Series brought to you by the Town of Kure Beach and the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce