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PO Box 2200
(910) 547-3255

After years on Pleasure Island, Teresa Sandeford decided to formally offer her artistic talents to the corporate world as well continuing to service the discerning tastes of the consumer of fine art. A familiar face at the Treehouse Bistro and the Maddfish Grill, where Teresa was able to use her artistic talents in a culinary sense...Today she is focused on her custom mosaics.

Working with everything from standard ceramic tile to stained glass to coffee mugs to fine china, Teresa will bring your wishes to fruition in extraordinary fashion. As you can see from the selected pictures, Teresa typically works on tile cement board (for easy wall mounting), but has been known to mosaic mannequins and heads!

If you are in the market for a unique interpretation of your corporate branding or just looking for a unique gift for that special someone, please contact her at 910.547.3255 or email at